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Calculate with a large set of capabilities and convert measurement units
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Guest This Program Has Problems ... Log in Issues.

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Guest Excellent customisable calculator with built-in unit conversions

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Urbane.Tiger if you install version 5.3, then that's the last you will ever see of Calc98 in SI. That's because version 5.3 of Calc98 does not ship an uninstaller. It would seem that SI uses the uninstall entries in the registry to "detect" the presence of software items, hence installing the latest Cal98 (BTW you need to get it from FlowSim, the version on SI is 5.29 even tho' they report latest as being 5.3) have the effect of removing it from your SI list - which may be no bad thing.

If you want to remove Cal98 from your system then I suggest you use the Revo Uniinstaller (RU). The uninstall that early versions of Calc98 did nothing useful anyway, in particular it left its footprints all through the registry, RU will help you overcome that issue. RU is free, RU is an excellent product, RU support is even better than the product, and its free too.

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Guest An excellent free scientific calculator wth multiple fuctions, modes and unit conversions.

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